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  • SHOOTIN THE SHIZNIT episode 371: Pappy (David Estes) joins Brian Tramel for Episode 371! Pappy & BT talk about starting as a fan, wrestling magazines, training to be a wrestler, hillbilly gimmick, XOW, Asylum, RRO awards
  • by Brian Tramel - 9/30/120
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW Dynamite September 30 preview
  • by Bob Magee - 9/30/120
  • WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: Sepetmber 28 ratings
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/30/120
  • ALEXA BLISS: Alexa Bliss criticized for supporting ex-boyfriend Murphy in angle with Aalyah Mysterio
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/30/120
  • #SPEAKINGOUT/JOEY RYAN: Joey Ryan files multi-million dollar lawsuit against three #SpeakingOut accusers
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/30/120
  • Independent wrestling calendar for September/October; including US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Australasia, Europe
  • by Philip Stamper - 9/30/120
  • AAW Pro Wrestling returns to Merrionette Park, IL on October 1 with Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, live stream info
  • by AAW Pro Wrestling - 9/30/120
  • Hardcore Hustle Organization returns to Williamstown, NJ on October 3
  • by Matt Tremont - 9/30/120
  • WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW: September 28 results (FW4online)
  • by Bob Magee - 9/29/120
  • HARLEY RACE: Son of legendary wrestler says he will find other way to honor his father (Lincoln News Now)
  • by Mike Informer - 9/29/120
  • UK NEWS: The tragic death of pro wrestler Malcolm “King Kong” Kirk, who died in the ring (Broadcasting.com)
  • by Mike Informer - 9/29/120
  • NIA JAX/SHAYNA BASZLER: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler say they do not have coronavirus
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/29/120
  • AS I SEE IT September 28: COVID, continued
  • by Bob Magee - 9/28/120
  • WWE CLASH OF CHAMPIONS: Clash of Champions 2020 pay-per-view results
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/28/120
  • WWE DRAFT 2020: WWE Draft to be held on October 9 and 12 episodes of Smackdown and Raw
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/28/120
  • Pro Wrestling All Stars September 25 Melvindale, MI results
  • by Leonard Brand - 9/28/120
  • IWA East Coast "Ball Park Brawl" Oct 10 in Charleston, WV!
  • by Phil Stamper - 9/27/120
  • WWE CLASH OF CHAMPIONS: Early betting odds for Clash of Champions 2020 top matches
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/27/120
  • WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN/FOX: September 25 ratings
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/27/120
  • KEN RESNICK: Ken Resnick talks about Hulk Hogan smartening him up in 1983
  • by VOC Nation - 9/27/120
  • LUCHA: Lucha libre drive-in wrestling show at Orange County fairgrounds is a smashing hit (LA Times)
  • by Mike Informer - 9/27/120
  • A FAN'S PERSPECTIVE: Leon St Giovanni
  • by Oliver Newman - 9/27/120
  • WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN/FOX: September 25 results (F4wonline)
  • by Bob Magee - 9/26/120
  • DWAYNE JOHNSON: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to film Ken Shamrock’s induction greeting for Impact Hall of Fame
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/26/120
  • CHELSEA GREEN/COVID-19: NXT’s Chelsea Green confirms she had COVID-19
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/26/120
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING/SERENA DEEB: Serena Deeb pulls out of indie wrestling event as a precaution due to coronavirus
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/26/120
  • WWE/COVID 19: WWE issues statement on latest coronavirus outbreak at the WWE PC
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/26/120
  • VOC NATION: Impact Knockout Nevaeh Joins Talkin' Sass on VOC Nation
  • by VOC Nation - 9/26/120
  • WEDNESDAY NIGHT RATINGS: AEW beats NXT, sees drop in numbers because of NBA
  • by Bob Magee - 9/25/120
  • WWE/NAOMI: Naomi undergoes surgery
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/25/120
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW’s Ben Carter says he also has coronavirus
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/25/120
  • WWE/THE ROCK: The Rock open to take on Roman Reigns at a WrestleMania
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/25/120
  • NXT ON USA: September 23 results (F4Wonline)
  • by Bob Magee - 9/24/120
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW Dynamite September 23 results (F4Wonline)
  • by Bob Magee - 9/24/120
  • JOHN CENA: HBO Max orders Peacemaker series featuring John Cena in leading role
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/24/120
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: Lance Archer tests positive for coronavirus
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/24/120
  • SHOOTIN THE SHIZNIT episode 369: The Hot List: Top 10 Female Superstars
  • by Brian Tramel - 9/24/120
  • WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: September 22 ratings (F4wonline)
  • by Bob Magee - 9/23/120
  • NXT ON USA: Coronavirus outbreak hits the WWE Performance Center and NXT
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/23/120
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW Dynamite September 23 preview
  • by Bob Magee - 9/23/120
  • WWE/ROMAN REIGNS: Roman Reigns hints at wrestling without vest or shirt this Sunday
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/23/120
  • Pro wrestling school fights through COVID-19 (Eagletribune)
  • by Mike Informer - 9/23/120
  • REVIEW: Too Sweet by Keith Elliott Greenberg
  • by Alan Wojcik - 9/23/120
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: All Elite Wrestling today announced the signing of Serena Deeb
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/22/120
  • WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: September 21 report (Fwonline.com)
  • by Bob Magee - 9/22/120
  • NXT ON USA: Final two entrants in the NXT gauntlet eliminator match announced
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/22/120
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: Jon Moxley thinks Reigns/Heyman partnership is “very cool”
  • by Colin Vassallo - 9/22/120

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