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  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: Report suggests AEW has enough footage shot for nearly two months worth of shows
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/04/120
  • WWE SMACKDOWN ON FOX: April 3 results (Wrestleview)
  • by Bob Magee - 4/04/120
  • WRESTLEMANIA 36: Charlotte Flair says "pressure is on to deliver" (TMZsports.com)
  • by Casey Carver - 4/04/120
  • WRESTLEMANIA 36: Reigns out, Strowman in at WrestleMania against Goldberg
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/04/120
  • WRESTLEMANIA 36: Full betting odds for Wrestlemania 36
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/04/120
  • WWE/EDGE: The real-life diet of the WWE's Edge, an extremely cut 46-year-old man (GQ.com)
  • by Mike Informer - 4/04/120
  • CHRIS JERICHO: Chris Jericho on life in AEW, relationship with McMahon, the Hall of Fame, and more
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/04/120
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW moves tapings to Georgia, state goes on lockdown
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/04/120
  • NXT ON USA: April 1 ratings
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/03/120
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW Dynamite April 1 ratings
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/03/120
  • WRESTLEMANIA 36/CHAIR SHOTS TO THE CRANIUM: Wrestlemania predictions
  • by Steven Goforth - 4/03/120
  • WRESTLEMANIA 36: WrestleMania 36 betting lines
  • by Bob Magee - 4/03/120
  • WRESTLEMANIA 36: ESPN with a five-hour Brock Lesnar marathon on Sunday
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/03/120
  • WRESTLEMANIA 36: HHH explains Roman’s exit storyline-wise from WrestleMania and why they went ahead with the show
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/03/120
  • WWE BUSINESS: The WWE ice cream bars are back!
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/03/120
  • Hoosier Pro Wrestling spring shows cancelled
  • by Jerry Wilson - 4/03/120
  • WWE/ESPN:ESPN’s Director of Programming talks WWE partnership and what the future holds
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/03/120
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW Dynamite April 1 results (Wrestleview)
  • by Bob Magee - 4/02/120
  • NXT ON USA: April 1 results (Wrestleview)
  • by Bob Magee - 4/02/120
  • WWE BACKSTAGE/FS1: WWE Backstage March 31 ratings
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/02/120
  • NXT ON USA: Dakota Kai qualifies for next week’s NXT women’s ladder match
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/02/120
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: Remaining participants in the TNT Championship tournament announced
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/02/120
  • CALIFORNIA: Pro Wrestling Revolution April and May events postponed
  • by Pro Wrestling Revolution - 4/02/120
  • IMPACT WRESTLING: Kylie Rae signs with Impact Wrestling
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/02/120
  • SHOOTIN' THE SHIZNIT episode 315: Cool Kids Countdown “Top 10 Worst Matches of All Time
  • by Brian Tramel - 4/02/120
  • CORONAVIRUS/AEW/WWE: Florida Governor issues statewide stay-at-home lockdown order affecting both WWE and AEW
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/01/120
  • NXT ON USA: April 1 preview (WWE.com)
  • by Bob Magee - 4/01/120
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW Dynamite April 1 preview
  • by Bob Magee - 4/01/120
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: First four participants of the TNT Championship tournament announced
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/01/120
  • WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: March 30 viewership
  • by Bob Magee - 4/01/120
  • WRESTLEMANIA 36: FITE TV to carry WrestleMania 36 for the first time ever
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/01/120
  • WRESTLEMANIA 32: WrestleMania 32 on ESPN rating
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/01/120
  • Pro Wrestling Revolution provides FREE iPPV on Facebook
  • by Pro Wrestling Revolution - 4/01/120
  • WWE/INDIA: Sony Pictures Networks in India extend WWE TV deal for another five years
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/01/120
  • WRESTLEMANIA WEEK: WrestleMania Kickoff shows to air on FS1 as FOX Sports to offer Mania on PPV and other programming
  • by Colin Vassallo - 4/01/120
  • RING OF HONOR REVIEW: Episode 21
  • by Oliver Newman - 3/31/120
  • AS I SEE IT March 30: Remembering Chris Candido
  • by Bob Magee - 3/30/120

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